Gardener's Dream Ohm

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Gardener's Dream Ohm
Luxury skin care at its best!

This rich formula contains a high concentration of carrot seed oil which enhances skin tone and elasticity. Ohm works to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Although this natural facial moisturizer does its best work overnight, a velvety coat of Ohm Cream is the perfect way to pamper your skin during the daytime too. Ohm creates an effective barrier to protect the skin from extreme dry, hot or cold weather conditions. It is water soluble for lighter applications, has a gentle fragrance and keeps your skin looking supple, hydrated and healthy.  Honour the goddess within, but don’t forget that men love Ohm too!

Key Ingredients:

  • Geranium - Reduces inflammation, eczema and scarring; helps to prevent the look of aging.
  • Lavender - A skin regenerator that replenishes skin cells, reduces wrinkles and scar tissue,  prevents the look of aging.
  • Palmarosa - A skin regenerator; balances oil production. Good for stress and nervous exhaustion.
  • Chamomile - Soothes rashes and sensitive skin.
  • Juniper - A natural skin toner; revitalizing.
  • Carrot seed - A skin cell regenerator, stimulates circulation, enhances skin tone and elasticity, moisturizes, reduces appearance of wrinkles, soothes dermatitis, eczema and rashes.
Directions for use: For use on all skin types and extremely dry conditions. Apply a thin layer to the face both day and night. Apply to damp skin for lighter application.

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