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UNDA #243

Since your liver is largely responsible for removing toxins from your body‚ it’s essential to overall health. In some cases‚ the liver and its hepatic cells may require additional support. A natural liquid solution like Seroyal’s Unda #243 uses the principles of homeopathy to support liver function.

Unda #243‚ as part of the Unda Numbers line‚ works to relieve hepatic congestion and help the liver regenerate itself; it may help eliminate the toxins that occur as byproducts of the detoxification process‚ allowing your enzymes to stay healthy as a result.

The liver may especially be in need of support in the case of certain digestive problems. In addition‚ the overconsumption of food or drink may temporarily overload your system. Each dose of Unda #243 contains herbal extracts such as kinkeliba‚ club moss‚ boldo‚ and May apple for their potential homeopathic benefits.


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