MegaFood: Blood Builder 30tabs


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MegaFood: Blood Builder 30tabs

Blood Builder 30 tabs

    • Blood Builder was shown in an 8-week clinical trial to increase iron levels in individuals with low iron without causing nausea or constipation*
    • #1 selling iron supplement in tablet form
    • A gentle and effective potency of Foodstate Iron (26 mg/serving)*
    • B12 and Folate, vitamins to help maintain healthy red blood cell production*
    • Safe for menstruating women, including teenage girls; pregnant women, vegans and vegetarians; athletes, and recent blood donors, all of whom are at increased risk of iron deficiency*
    • Naturally combats fatigue and improves energy levels*
    • Crafted using our Slo-Food Process with FoodState® beetroot from Stahlbush® Island Farms and FoodState® Vitamin C from Uncle Matt’s Organic oranges
    • Easy to digest and absorb, even on an empty stomach
  • Available in a convenient one tablet per serving

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