Schinoussa: Sea Veg Pure Gold V 240 capsules


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Schinoussa: Sea Veg Pure Gold V 240 capsules

Schinoussa:Sea Veg Pure Gold 240 Vcaps

Schinoussa Pure Gold is 100% pure sea vegetables and is loaded with nine powerhouse algae superfoods. The nine algae work in synergy to provide the body with all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals called xanthins. The richness of nutrients in Schinoussa make it a leading premium product.

Schinoussa Pure is a 100% algae based formula which brings the body's pH to an alkaline state needed for DNA health and regeneration. Truly nature's multivitamin! The Pure formula is extra strength without flax. Benefits: Immune function, advance DNA care, chronic health support.

Schinoussa Sea Vegetablesis a synergistic blend of the world’s most powerful super food, and is truly “natures multivitamin”. Diets high in sea vegetables are known to nourish immune function, increase energy levels, balance pH levels and support the maintenance of overall good health. Gold label is the most intense greens super food known that is formulated with all nine super algae.  Enjoy 1 tsp in water, smoothies, or your favourite recipe! Reduce recommended dosage by half if detox symptoms occur and gradually return to recommended dosage.

AVAILABLE in powder or capsule form - both providing 60 serving 2 month supply!


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