UNDA:Melange Combination

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UNDA:Melange Combination

Cell Salts for Metabolizing Minerals

Minerals are a vital part of good health and nutrition.

The problems is that minerals can be depleted from the soil due to modern agricultural practices. That means there are less trace and essential minerals in the food we eat - leaving the typical diet lacking in proper nutrition.

Melange Combination from UNDA is a homeopathic preparation that may help maintain mineral metabolism while promoting optimal health.

This product contains what are known as Schuessler Tissue Salts. William H. Schuessler was a general doctor from German who focused on natural remedies - particularly homeopathy.

Schuessler created a list of potentially beneficial salts that may act on the cellular level to balance and restore cell function. The "cell salts" in this selection are prepared using Dr. Schuessler's methods of Biochemical System of Medicine.

Minerals are responsible for a large number of functions in your body - from growth and development to energy production. They promote strong bones, hair and skin. Minerals are necessary in order for your body to work normally.

Help your body absorb those important minerals.

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