Cyto-Matrix: Mag-Taurine Matrix 90 caps

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Cyto-Matrix: Mag-Taurine Matrix 90 caps
A blend of magnesium bisglycinate, taurine, pyridoxal-5-phosphate and zinc bisglycinate for comprehensive support of cardiovascular tissues.
  • Magnesium is provided in the well-absorbed buffered bis-glycinate form to support cellular energy, nerve function and muscle function of the cardiovascular system
  • Taurine regulates intra- and extra-cellular electrolyte balancing and membrane stabilization, ultimately providing a positive inotropic action on the heart muscles
  • Pyridoxal-5-phosphate, the active form of vitamin B6, is necessary for the endogenous production of taurine. Both vitamin B6 and zinc deficiencies have been associated with higher cardiovascular risk
Vegan. GMO, gluten, soy and dairy free.
Available in 90 vegetable capsules/bottle

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