Mutaflor: 60caps


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Mutaflor: 60caps

Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

Mutaflor is used by patients diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis to prevent relapse and to ensure remission of Ulcertaive Colitis. It may be taken for up to 12 months or as advised by a health care professional for maintenance, relapse prevention or as adjuvant therapy of ulcerative colitis.

Chronic Constipation Treatment

Mutaflor has also been cited for patients with chronic constipation. For chronic constipation, it may be taken up to 6 weeks or as recommended by a health care professional. Also, effective in normalizing diarrhea symptoms and constipation as well as reducing abdominal cramps and pain.

Some clinical studies conducted in Europe on E. coli Nissle 1917 have shown positive results when used in conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, chronic constipation,irritable bowel syndrome, pouchitis, as well as chronic diarrhea and ulcerative colitis.

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