Sorlex Oral Spray 30ml

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Sorlex Oral Spray 30ml
  • • SORLEX is a 100% natural remedy.
  • • SORLEX was developed by a naturopathic doctor and has been confirmed in clinical practice (by other naturopathic doctors).
  • • SORLEX is 100% safe to use on its own or with other medications.
  • • SORLEX acts quickly to decrease the pain, and expedite the recovery time of a cold sore.
  • • SORLEX can prevent a cold sore from occurring in some instances if taken at the time of "the tingle".
  • • SORLEX is a mess-free solution that doesn't draw attention to the site of the cold sore.
  • • SORLEX stimulates the body's healing capacity from the inside out.
  • • SORLEX has several unique active ingredients unavailable in competing treatment options.