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UNDA: 1000

Unda #1000 by Seroyal works to support a healthy thyroid. When recovering from certain health conditions‚ glandular equilibrium may still be disturbed. As a result‚ you may experience conditions like goiter‚ an enlarged thyroid gland unable to produce sufficient levels of thyroid hormone; hormonal underproduction is associated with hypothyroidism.

A variety of homeopathic herbs found in Unda #1000 can help your thyroid gland stay strong. Spongia tosta (also known as roasted sponge) is the main ingredient because it’s a good source of iodine‚ a trace mineral that supports hormone production and normal thyroid function. Meanwhile‚ calendula (a form of marigold) may have anti-inflammatory properties‚ and drosera (sundew) might contribute to endocrine health. Last but not least‚ Rubus fructicosus (blackberry extract) may serve as a tonic for the throat area‚ promoting comfort.

Adults and teenagers should take 10 to 30 drops‚ one to three times a day. Each bottle of Seroyal’s Unda #1000 contains 20 milliliters of this homeopathic medicine.



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