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UNDA #15

Unda #15 by Seroyal uses homeopathic principles that may encourage you to feel better. This liquid solution contains herbs and natural compounds that work to alleviate symptoms associated with mild fevers.

In general‚ the ingredients in Unda #15 may decrease mild inflammation in the lining of the lungs (pleura)‚ the mucous membrane inside the nose‚ and other areas. Every drop contains onion extract‚ eucalyptus globulus‚ elecampane‚ fenugreek‚ and aurum metallicum. Elecampane can serve as a respiratory tonic that may help you breathe more easily while promoting lung cleansing; meanwhile‚ aurum metallicum is a form of gold that may support your sinuses. Onions are a form of allium vegetable included in Unda #15 for their important flavonoids. Finally‚ eucalyptus is more than just koala bear food: it may provide some relief from mild congestion.

In addition to these potential benefits‚ Seroyal’s Unda #15 may also work to lessen symptoms of bladder irritation‚ such as mild pelvic pain and the need for frequent urination. Last but not least‚ this liquid supplement might ease mild symptoms related to colibacillosis; these signs‚ which can result from E. coli bacteria‚ may include uncomfortable diarrhea and cramps.


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