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UNDA #21

Hormones are responsible for every one of your bodily processes and determine your gender your sex drive. They regulate your growth‚ digestion‚ metabolism‚ and much more. If critical hormones aren’t secreted properly or in the right amounts‚ this problem can impact overall health.

A number of different glands that make up the endocrine system secrete hormones. If you have continual problems with either your hormones or glands‚ it can lead to discomfort‚ particularly in areas like the breasts‚ ovaries‚ prostate‚ and uterus. Hormonal or glandular disturbances can also affect your thyroid.

Don’t stop taking any medications your doctor may have prescribed. Rather‚ ask him or her about natural supplements that may help you feel better.

Unda #21 by Seroyal is designed to improve disorders that involve the glands or hormones. Some of the ingredients of this homeopathic liquid include:

    • Calendula officinalis‚ an herb that may help regulate the menstrual cycle
    • Camphora‚ a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that may support uterine and reproductive health
    • Condurango marsdenia‚ an herb that stimulates digestion


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