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UNDA #228

Dealing with grief is a complicated matter all its own‚ but grief‚ shock‚ and sadness are often associated with physical‚ and even cognitive symptoms. These symptoms are a result of the autonomic system’s response to stress‚ and can cause you to act strangely. Physical and mental symptoms that develop as a response to negative emotions include a change in sleep habits and energy levels. In some cases‚ you may find that you either sleep more than usual or are unable to sleep well at all. Your muscles and motor function can even be affected

For serious grief‚ talk to a loved one or speak to a professional‚ such as a therapist. In mild cases‚ a natural homeopathic supplement like Seroyal’s Unda #228 may help you feel better. This liquid contains a blend of herbs that may be able to help you cope. The herbs in this formula have been used for years to help restore balance to bodies and minds that have been under stress.

Some of the ingredients in Unda #228 include:

    • Yarrow‚ which contains vitamins that may be able to boost your mood
    • Wild Lettuce‚ a mild sedative that may be useful in relieving anxiety and sleeplessness
    • Lemon Balm‚ which has a soothing‚ sedative effect
    • Passionflower‚ which is used to promote emotional balance and relaxation
    • Valerian‚ which is widely known as a natural sedative
  • Vervain‚ which may provide mental benefits


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