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When you think about digestion‚ you may only think about the stomach. In reality‚ the digestive system is a complex machine‚ and digestion is a process that involved many organs; if any one component is malfunctioning‚ the entire system is affected. Most people don’t think about the digestive tract until something goes wrong and they experience discomfort.

An essential part of digestion is assimilation: it’s the process by which nutrients are extracted and stored in your body. Assimilation is primarily a function of your small intestine. Known as the “Minister of Reception” in traditional Chinese medicine‚ your small intestine receives partially digested food from your stomach. It then does the very important work of extracting the nutrients within‚ while pushing the waste onto the large intestine for elimination.

Impaired functioning of the small intestine can cause serious health problems. If left untreated‚ malnourishment can occur‚ due to inadequate absorption of nutrients; vitamin or mineral deficiencies can then result. In addition‚ toxins can back up into your blood‚ causing problems such as mental confusion‚ lack of libido‚ and fatigue. Body aches‚ rashes‚ mild allergies‚ muscle aches‚ and headaches are also symptoms that may be caused by toxins.

Seroyal’s Unda® #3 is a homeopathic remedy from Belgium that acts on the digestive system through the small intestine and the liver‚ working to restore balance and health while relieving your symptoms. It may bring immediate relief for indigestion‚ while stimulating the production of important enzymes that aid in nutrient assimilation. It also contains herbs that can tone the stomach and soothe the liver.

The potent blend of botanical herbs and minerals in this liquid supplement include:

    • Condurango—stimulates the digestive system and provides a sense of wellbeing
    • Horsetail—works to prevent intestinal bleeding and mild ulcers
    • German Chamomile—a treatment for gas pressure and pain sensitivity
    • Boldo—reduces acidity in the digestive tract
    • Pansy—a potentially effective immune response booster
    • Aluminum—a powerful antacid
  • Tin—a good source of energy for your digestive system

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