Vitazan: Vitamin E10 60caps


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Vitazan: Vitamin E10 60caps
Vitamin E10 is a unique full-spectrum formula that contains all eight members of the vitamin E family (four tocopherols and four tocotrienols). Vitamin E10, which is certified free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), is formulated to aid in maintaining healthy antioxidant status, to promote the maintenance of healthy arterial walls, and to counteract the gradual decline of the metabolic processes associated with aging.
Adults: Take 2 softgels daily with food or as directed by your health-care practitioner.

Duration of use: Consult a health-care practitioner for use beyond 6 weeks.


Each softgel contains:
Vitamin E (ᴅ‑alpha-tocopherol) (from non‑GMO sunflower) [400 IU] 268 mg AT
Free plant sterols (from non‑GMO soy) 20 mg
(8 mg beta-sitosterol, 4 mg campesterols, 4 mg stigmasterols)
Tocotrienols (from non‑GMO palm fruit) 3.16 mg
ᴅ‑alpha-Tocotrienols 24–30%
beta-Tocotrienols 2–4%
gamma-Tocotrienols 30–46%
delta-Tocotrienols 10–20%
Squalene (Olea oleuropaea) 45 mg
Mixed tocopherols (from non‑GMO soy) 53 mg
ᴅ‑alpha-Tocopherol 7–14%
beta-Tocopherols 0.5–2%
gamma-Tocopherols 13–25%
delta-Tocopherols 45–60%
Other Ingredients: Certified organic sunflower oil, yellow beeswax, and sunflower lecithin in a softgel made of bovine gelatin and glycerin, with natural annatto extract (in sunflower oil) and purified water.

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